The Deaf Sports Academy bases its philosophy on several different factors that will positively influence the outcome of the program itself. These factors are:

Everyone Gets Involved
Our program’s goal is to have every child experience the thrill of playing sports competitively while learning the fundamentals of good athletic skills. Children on every sports team under the DSA will gain opportunities to participate fully during practice sessions and play in every competition.

Well-Balanced Teams
During every sports season, we form teams that are well-balanced and match children of similar ages in order to have every child get the maximum experience out of their participation.

Qualified Coaches
DSA’s coaches are qualified to teach children in specific sports. Coaches are hired based on previous experience and achievements in various sports. This will lead to better teaching, which then leads to better outcomes. Coaches will be certified by nationally recognized organizations such as American Sports Education Program.

Excellent Sportsmanship
It is extremely important to ensure that all our participants demonstrate excellent sportsmanship at all times. This will be practiced during all DSA practices and competitions so that we can become role models for others.